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Rescued seal pup starting to recover

Nicki Rosenhagen from PAWS sent in these photos of the harbor seal pup that the organization rescued from the beach at Golden Gardens Park late last week.

Part of the beach was actually closed off as volunteers watched over the pup, hoping that its mother would return to shore. But the mother never came back, and the decision was made for PAWS to come in and take in the pup.

Nicki says the pup is already enjoying short swims and is on its way back to being healthy again.

Abandoned seal pup on path to getting healthy again

Nicki Rosenhagen from PAWS in Lynnwood sent in these photos of a harbor seal pup that was found abandoned on the beach at Golden Gardens Park late last week.

The area of beach where the pup was found was actually close doff for a time, as volunteers were hoping that the pup's mother would come back to the beach. But she didn't, and it was eventually decided that the pup should be taken in.

Nicki says that the pup is enjoying some short swims and is already starting to regain some of its health.

Orphaned beavers released back into the wild

Tenino has a lot of beavers, especially at the high school. Now, two more are making Tenino their home.

After one year of constant care at the PAWS Wildlife Center in Lynnwood, the two beavers are ready to live on their own.

The beavers first came to PAWS in April, each weighing less than a pound. They had to learn everything from how to swim to how to eat.

This week, wildlife workers drove them 90 miles to Tenino to set them up in an idyllic pond. They're getting a little help in their new neighborhood, moving into a pre-built lodge stocked with their first meals.

Dondi Byrne was the beavers' main caretaker.

"It's pretty exciting," she said after transferring the beavers from a travel carrier into the lodge. "You're just nervous to make this release go well."

After a short wait, she got the payoff. One beaver emerged from the lodge to peek out of the water. It eventually moved around to the back to a shaded spot

Byrne expected the animals to feel safe.